Current Releases

At Tantara we like to bottle our wines in January or early February when the weather is cool and the moon just right — not too full because a full moon stirs up the wine too much. Then we give the wines some time to recover from “bottle shock” which occurs after bottling. Think about all those contented flavor molecules swimming around in a big sixty gallon French oak barrel for many months. Then one day they are crammed into a 750ml glass bottle.

In early Spring we evaluate all of our wines to decide which wines to release early in the year and which to hold back until Fall. We release half of those wines in April during our Spring events. We hold the other wines back until October when we celebrate some more.

Our current release of the 2014 vintage wines include the following:

Chardonnay Tondre – Notes of yellow peach on the nose with a mouth that is immediately friendly. Big wine with honeyed notes of white current and nectarine. 

Chardonnay Zotovich – Honeysuckle, white blossom, building to white peach and custard apple. Clean and precise finish.

Pinot Noir Bentrock – Bold dark fruit characters are immediate and then amalgamate with wet earth notes suggesting considerable minerality.

Pinot Noir Lindsay’s Vineyard – Concentrated and intense, ultra ripe black cherry and tart black current with generous fine grained tannin giving an extended finish.

Pinot Noir La Encantada – Black current, black cherry and hints of high note cranberry to offer a balance of red fruit to a predominant dark fruit presence.