2004 Vintage Notes

As we release the last of our 2004 wines, we reflect on the challenge and satisfaction of each vintage. The challenge is to continue to produce better and better wines that represent and respect each parcel of earth from which we are privileged to harvest fruit.
The satisfaction comes from those times where we feel as though we are on to something. You may be aware that for the last four vintages we have been receiving very high marks from a certain, very influential wine critic. While these give us a measure of confidence, the marks that we really care about come from you and all the sommeliers, restaurateurs, retailers and distributors who get the wine to you. You are the final judge of each vintage. To all who ride with us on the journey, thanks for the continuing and loyal support.

p.s.- As we have watched the 04 wines develop over the last six months, they have opened up nicely; however, decanting young Tantara wines will assist them. We have also found that most of our wines really start to sing with at least a year of bottle age. How will the 04 wines age? We are asked this question about each vintage and our answer is though our wines have the structural components such as acidity and tannins available naturally in greater or lesser degrees from each vineyard, time will tell. However, the 2000 and 2001 vintages are currently drinking very nicely, and the Pinot Noir from our first vintage 1997 is developing beautiful secondary aromas and flavors.

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