2010 Vintage Tasting Notes

2010 Chardonnay Talley Rincon 

Clean, crisp beauty with hints of apricot, pineapple, ripe peach, and nectarine. This wine shows subtle oak on the palate and ever so slightly on the nose.  A delightfully full-bodied wine which boasts a very generous, long finish after an inviting entry. Great with seafood.     75 cases produced

2010 Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard

Hints of lemon and pineapple greet you with this Chardonnay. Fully round and racy on the palate, this wine finishes with pleasant minerality. This is a purist’s Chardonnay that gets increasingly better with time.  Perfect with veal in a light sauce.  99 cases produced

2010 Bien Nacido Adobe Pinot Noir 

How do we love our 2010 Bien Nacido Adobe Pinot Noir? Let us count the ways! This wine has a voluptuous nose that boasts decadent aromas of sarsaparilla, strawberry piecrust, Scottish shortbread, and rich, sweet earth. Plums and rhubarb pie greet the palette, as well as late season red currants, blackberries, and chocolate-oh my! Enjoy with roasted duck in a cherry sauce.    213 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir La Colline Vineyard

This Pinot Noir blooms like a flower on the nose-beginning subtly then opening to the alluring aromas of dark cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and a walk in the woods after a fresh rain. On the palate, this wine is lean, racy, and charmingly complex. Specially crafted to refine with time, expect the taste to tantalize you in years to come. Perfect with Seared Ahi.    96 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir Brosseau Vineyard

Grown in limestone soil, this wine is a pure example of a uniquely lean Pinot Noir with robust minerality and sharp, sweet tannins. On the nose, this wine imparts the inviting aroma of a raspberry and cherry punchbowl. Enjoy it tonight or save for a special occasion when it reaches optimal evolution in three to four years-whichever you decide, it is truly delectable. Perfect with roasting pork and fig.    25 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir Silacci Vineyard 

The complimenting aromas of balsamic and plum dance on the nose in this sublimely earthy Pinot Noir. Robust high notes of raspberries and strawberries fascinate the palate. Especially delicious as an aged wine, this wine is a perfect gift-for yourself and others-for that special occasion or anniversary in years to come. Enjoy it tonight with wild game for the consummate experience. Perfect with bison.     125 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir Lindsay’s Vineyard

This wine grows in depth and flavor everyday. The grapes are grown in one of the coolest growing areas (of the already cool Santa Rita Hills), so it is endowed with a hearty, full-bodied quality. Evolving beautifully and exhibiting enchanting layers of flavors-such as liquorice, leather, and hints of fruit-this is set to be your “powerhouse” Pinot Noir.  Delectable with lamb.   142 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir Corral (organically grown grapes)

This must-have wine comes roaring out from our stable with style and complexity. Beguiling aromas of dark cherries, chocolate, vanilla, plums, and floral notes of night jasmine entice the senses, while an amusingly delicious hint of bacon smokiness and mushrooms give this Pinot Noir its incomparably unique and delicious taste. Drink in six months to unleash an extra kick of flavor or pair this mouth-filling wine with a standing rib roast today for an amazing experience.

2010 Tantara Chardonnay – Bien Nacido “O” Block

A full nose of Pineapple and pear with lemon zest. A beautiful golden wheat color. This wine can stand up to shellfish served with drawn butter or a simple salad of mixed garden greens and herbs, fully bodied and refreshing at the same time.  24 cases produced

2010 Tantara Chardonnay – Challen

This wine came from a barrel that had such a unique hazelnut and floral nose we decided to bottle it separately. Unfined and unfiltered so it looks a little cloudy now but should settle out in time. Or take it on a picnic and chill it in the creek and enjoy it’s long lingering finish from a goblet. With it’s body and texture this wine will pair with a wide assortment of cheeses or deli meats.   24 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Solomon Hills 

Strawberries, cranberries and violet on the nose with hints of cinnamon and ginger. This is a lively wine that will pair well with grilled fish, particularly Salmon. A favorite of many Sommeliers for its versatility.   226 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Bien Nacido Old Vine

As these vines were planted in 1973, and the average producing life of Pinot Noir vines is 35 years, we are working with a rarified group of vines here. The nose immediately exposes the terroir, that is, the earth and all the environmental conditions in which it was grown. As opposed to younger vines that immediately hit you with their fruit. Do not get me wrong, the cherry and strawberry are definitely there, but equally present are the soil, leather and bacon notes usually only found on a quality aged bottle. A true gem that needs to be experienced at least once in any wine lover’s life, and may more times for the pinotfile!    207 cases produced

2010 Pinot Noir – Challen

Here’s a soft and sexy wine with a mélange of fruit – black currents and blackberries mostly.  Then there are the layers of spice.  This wine is immediately pleasing.  We’ve enjoyed watching heads turn from the glass back to the label to check it out.

One of our two proprietary blends named after my lovely daughter who has joined me in this wine world enterprise. Of course, all three of my daughters are lovely, this one just happens to have inherited my wine bug gene.    50 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Dierberg 

This wine gets an A+ on appearance.  Looking into the glass is like gazing into the eyes of a mysterious beauty.  The nose is pure Santa Maria Valley with red fruit liquor, rose petal, tea leaves and white spice.  This wine is compact and intense on the palate with superb focus.  Somehow we felt so sophisticated when sampling this wine we called it our Cary Grant Pinot.  46 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Garys’ Vineyard

Now this is a big boy, always a crowd pleaser, cherry cola, sassafras, blackberry pie, and yet earth notes hold their own in this full bodied Pinot Noir.  Make no mistake, this is not a one dimensional soda pop wine but a fruit forward complex wine that can stand alone or be paired with rich meaty dishes or roast duck with cherry sauce.  116 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Pisoni Vineyard

The vineyard that put Monterey on the Pinot world’s radar. This wine has everything and lots of it. Not quite the fruit bomb of its younger sibling, Garys’ vineyard, but perhaps a little more complex and mature at this time in their lives. Blueberry and blackberry with, you name it, mushroom, earth, leather, tobacco and a hint of black pepper. A candidate for the cellar, or can be enjoyed now after decanting.  253 cases produced

2010 Tantara Pinot Noir – Evelyn

This is our other proprietary blend. A tribute to my mother who loaned us the money to start Tantara. Annually, we start with our favorite free run barrel from Santa Maria Valley and then build upon it with wine we take from other barrels to “build” our version of a great Pinot Noir. Our single vineyard wines are an expression of that vineyard, this is an expression of our overall vintage.

2010 Pinot Noir Lindsay’s Vineyard

Deep, dark and concentrated, our 2010 SRH Pinot features generous aromas of raspberry, blackberry, root beer and sweet toasty oak. The palate is layered, lush and juicy with bright acidity, plenty of fruit and soft tannins. This is the perfect accompaniment for chicken, turkey, pork, tuna or salmon.


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